A Liittle Tree

8",10",12",14" Paper Lanterns

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Item Description:

Perfect for decorations of festivals, events and celebrations: Wedding, Engagement, Parties, Birthday, Anniversary,  and House Decoration etc.

 Material: Paper With Metal Frame 

Condition: Brand New Good Quality 

Color: White/Pink/Hot Pink/Blue/Light Blue/ Lilac/ Dark Purple/ Lime/ Orange/Red/Yellow/Silver/Red/Yellow/Green

Size:8"(20cm)/10"(25cm)/ 12"(30cm)/ 14"(35cm)/16"(40cm)/18"(45cm)

Instruction: Included



*These items are not toys,  it's for decoration use only. Please keep out of reach of  children and babies at any time.

*Please handle with care when insert the metal frame inside the lantern, and make sure to put from the right directions.

*Please note due to computer graphic reason, image, colour, size or design sometimes may vary slightly from the pictures appearing on the website.