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Pink Colour Eco-Friendly Sky Lantern Chinese Floating Sky Lanterns

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Perfect for celebrations like Birthday,Wedding, Anniversary, Party, Bonfire Night, New Year, Christmas , special events and occasions, in remembrance of loved one, or simply a romantic night out. The long lasting flying lantern rise to the heights of 1000 feet and travel for miles. Amazing, breathtaking sights for you and your family, friends to enjoy.

Flying sky lantern was an old tradition in China. It dated back to two thousands years ago. People believe the floating lantern could send their wishes to the heaven and bring them good luck, ease their troubles. Write messages on the Lantern, make a wish, and watch you "dream" flying into the sky.


Main Features:

*Easy to use. It only takes approximately 30 seconds to light fuel cell before it’s ready to be released , a magic, spectacular visual display in the sky.

*These high quality sky lanterns are Eco-friendly. They are made of 100% Bio-degradable paper, bamboo frame and wire free.

*Each lantern contains a pre-attached fuel cell.

*Long lasting fly time.

*Size: 60cmX90cm (Approx)

Colour: Pink

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1. To open packing and shape the sky lantern, fuel is fixed in beneath of the lantern.

2. One person hold the the top and side of the paper lantern, make sure it fully opened, and another one ignites the fuel cell.

3. After about 30 second, when the hot air fill up the lantern, it will start floating. Gently let it off you hand, the lantern will fly your wish into sky.



(1) Use away from fire hazardous places such as dry crops, forest, woodlands, lawns and animals, it should only be released in open spaces and away from airports, buildings, trellis, pillars and main roads. lanterns should only be used outdoors but not indoors.

(2)Do not use in places where the presence of flames can be interpreted as a fire signal or other hazard signs. Not in any areas where the glow could be confused as a distress signal. Make sure you have water or fire extinguisher at hand in case of emergency, so you can turn off the fire.

(3) Lanterns are made of flame retardant paper. This is not a toy. The lanterns should only be used by adults , not by children, please always keep away from Children. The lanterns should be stored in a dry place, are not left unprotected.

(4)Do not use at windy and adverse weather conditions.

(5) Damaged lanterns should not be used under any circumstances.

(6) Never stand under the lighted lanterns.

(7) Please make sure read instructions and legal information on the packaging of each individually wrapped lantern before using the item, and follow the instruction fully.


*These items are not toys,  it's for decoration use only. Please keep out of reach of  children and babies at any time.

*Please note due to computer graphic reason, image, colour, size or design sometimes may vary slightly from the pictures appearing on the website.